The C58 Site

What we know so far about the discovery and planned recovery of the C58.

Chief Communications Officer

1/22/20232 min read

Dynope has announced that the long-lost and nearly forgotten C58, flagship of their intersetllar line, has been discovered in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. The ship, which disappeared on a routine galactic mission, was believed to have traveled far into the future.

The C58 once traveled the universe and visited many famous worlds. This ship now is nose down and has been scavenged, leaving equipment and crew belongings strewn about. Crew logs have not been recovered but may still remain.

Patented Dynope technologies have been revealed amidst the debris spilling out of the wreck. Time has caused the items to become partially buried, their secrets only partially concealed.

Stanchions and tape marked in alien text have been set up to cordon off the site, likely because of leaking dioxygen difluoride tanks. On one end of the cordoned area is what is left of the ship's control console. It shows some of the travelers notes and its atomic batteries still sometimes flash the lights. Visitors claim that the computer is desperately communicating with them, telling stories by lighting panels in a particular order.

We now know C58 has traveled through time and space. Whether the original crew piloted the ship during the crash event is still unknown.

Residual fuel can sometimes be ignited in the sustainer engine and similarly the RCS can sometimes fire when the 3-axis stick is moved.

The scale of the ship and the objects strewn about have been warped by the effects of spacetime near a singularity. This means that some things have shrunk and others have enlarged, far from their original sizes.

Dynope intends to send a team of researchers to study the wreckage. It is possible alien lifeforms survived the crash.

C58 build photos